Brazilian Style All-you-can-eat (Rodizio)



Gourmet Salad Bar – Iguarias
The cheerful atmosphere of Minas invites you to tour the first course of your dining experience.We begin with our gourmet salad bar where you are presented with a banquet of the freshest vegetables and salads, accompanied by native Brazilian traditional dishes crafted from old-world recipes. It’s a veritable feast with exotic salads such as salpicão (a unique Brazilian chicken salad), heart of palm salad, couve salad ( kale), feijão tropeiro, (cooked beans mixed with cassava flour) Minas pão de queijo (cheese bread) and many other gourmet Brazilian dishes.Every day we serve our traditional “Feijoada”. Feijoada is a long-simmering authentic Brazilian signature dish made with black beans; savory cuts of pork, and fresh herbs.Our vegetarian guests often compliment us about the variety of flavours, the quality of fare, and our presentation. Once you are done feasting on the salad bar, side orders will be brought to your table. We prepare a wide selection of side dishes such as moqueca, white rice, beans, polenta, fresh toasted cassava meal called “farofa”, just to name a few. Have one or have them all it’s up to you!

The Meat – Churrasco
Now the fun begins!
Our expert “Passadores” (carvers) will arrive at your table with various skewers holding succulent cuts of beef, pork, lamb and chicken ready to be carved right at your table. Always fresh off the grill and roasted to perfection in the authentic Brazilian style. Our passadores will continue bringing you the best that Brazil has to offer in abundant succession or if you prefer, feel free to go to our barbecue station and grab some of your favourite cuts.

Meat List

Picanha Top Sirloin Bife ao Alho Garlic Steak
Alcatra Prime Beef Hips Costela de Boi Short Ribs
Bife à Parmegiano Parmesan Beef Frango com Bacon Bacon-Wrapped Chicken
Coxa de Frango Chicken Leg Cupim Beef Hump
Coração de Frango Chicken Hearts Perna de Carneiro Leg of Lamb
Linguiça de Porco Pork Sausage  Abacaxi Pineapple
Chouriço Apimentado Chorizo Sausage
Corte do Porco Pork Loin or Shoulder